[01/08] New Broadcasting Authority Webpage (15/01/2008)

Press Release 01/08

New Broadcasting Authority Webpage

Following extensive consultations including MITTS Ltd., the Broadcasting Authority has just launched a new web-page designed to be more consumer friendly not only with regard to its design but also to its accessibility.

The Broadcasting Authority's web-site was developed in 1999 with the introduction of the computerization and its overhaul was long overdue especially due to expanding regulatory obligations and technological
developments in web-design and upkeep.  

The new design is based on two main areas: the public media consumer and the Broadcasting Authority's licensed broadcasting stations.  While press releases are featured in the front page of the new website, the Broadcasting Authority's objectives, broadcasting legislation, policy and guidelines are all accessible through the second sub-page.  This reduces the number of sub-pages available on the front page and easily directs browsers to specific areas of consultation.

Complaints by the general public on programme content can be sent directly to the Broadcasting Authority through its direct e-mail access facility while the links to the Broadcasting Authority's licensed television broadcasting stations are accessible through its Links page. Accessibility by broadcasting stations, producers and independent media production houses is also facilitated through the index listed on the second page of the website where the contents are both in English and in Maltese

New features implemented in the new website include a Frequently Asked Questions Page which summarizes the main functions of the Broadcasting Authority including the procedure to be followed by consumers having complaints on any content that is broadcast by local broadcasting stations.
Another new facility is the search facility on each and every page.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the new website conforms to the accessibility requirements and recommendations by also catering for individuals with specific disabilities.


 Mario Axiak B.A. (Hons.), M.B.A. (Maastricht), M.I.M.



 Head Research & Communications



 15th January 2008