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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act, Cap 496, gives the general public the right to request documents or information from Public Authorities. The act also lists exemptions from this right as well as placing a number of obligations on Public Authorities. The Act came into force on 1st September 2012.

Exemptions of the Freedom of Information Act, Article 5 (4) (g)
"The Act does not apply to documents held by the Broadcasting Authority in so far as such document relate to its functions under article 119 (1) of the Constitution."

When determining whether particular requests for information can be accepted wholly, in part, or refused, reference should always be made to the basic Act and the Code of Practice, the contents of which are more exhaustive.

The following are documents relating to the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act:

Requesting Information
Before requesting formation held by the Authority under the Freedom of Information Act, a prior check of the website is suggested to see if the required information is already published.

Not all requests for information will be processed by the Broadcasting Authority under the obligations of the Freedom of Information Act. Queries, comments, complaints and specific requests for information previously published by the Broadcasting Authority can all be solicited through the “Contact Details” page of this service.

If this is not readily available a Request for Information Form must be completed and sent to the Broadcasting Authority by post or by e-mail on

Word    Request for Information Form  -  EN  -  MT
PDF    Request for Information Form  -  EN  -  MT

In the event that a request for information is not fully or partly met and the applicant is not in agreement with the Authority’s handling of the request, a Complaint Form must be sent to the Authority.

Word    Complaint Form on Requests for Information  -  EN  -  MT
PDF    Complaint Form on Requests for Information  -  EN  -  MT

This form should not be used for complaints about radio and television broadcasts. See F.A.Q.’s under “Who can make a complain about what is broadcast, and how is that complaint dealt with?”

The Freedom of Information Act also entitles the applicant to address complaints about the handling of Requests for Information by the Broadcasting Authority, or to seek investigation and review, by the Information and Data Protection Commissioner. The following form should be used:

Word: Complaint to the Information & Data Protection Commissioner  -  EN  -  MT
PDF:    Complaint to the Information & Data Protection Commissioner  -  EN  -  MT