[02/14] Gharghur Switch-off - "Yes Lifestyle" TV (30/01/2014)

PR No. 02/14

Switch-Off at Għargħur Transmitting Site

In view of urgent maintenance on transmission equipment at the Għargħur Tower and in view of the installation of “Smart Meters” at each station’s transmitter services, radio broadcasts as well as electricity supply at the Għargħur Tower have to be suspended for about four hours.  This necessitates the switch-off of all nationwide radio stations.

Weather permitting, this work is being planned for next Saturday, 1st February 2014 from 6:00am to 11:00am.  To reduce as much as possible this switch-off of radio stations, any work that can be done indoors will be completed as soon as possible.  With the supervision of representatives of each radio station, the installation and transfer to “Smart Meters” should be finalized within this period.

Whilst apologizing for any inconvenience caused, the Authority will strive to reduce as much as possible this switch-off of radio stations. Radio services will be resumed the earliest on completion of works.

“Yes Lifestyle” TV

The Broadcasting Authority has issued a broadcasting license for a new teleshopping channel which will be broadcasting on the cable network operated by Melita. 

The new TV station “Yes Lifestyle” run by Yes Media Ltd. will be broadcasting on channel 112 on Melita’s network as from 1st February 2014.

Mario Axiak

 30th January 2014

Head Research & Communications