[03/14] BA sponsors 24th IGM Annual Journalism Awards (25/04/2014)

Press Release 3/14

Broadcasting Authority main sponsor of Broadcast Media
of the 24th Edition

During a short ceremony held at the Broadcasting Authority this morning, Mr Malcolm Naudi, President of the Institute of Maltese Journalists presented Mr Anthony J. Tabone, Chairman of the Broadcasting Authority with a replica of this year’s Annual Award Trophy of the Malta Journalism Awards.

During the ceremony Mr Tabone confirmed that the Broadcasting Authority will again this year be the main sponsor of the Broadcast Media categories of the Malta Journalism Awards.   Mr Tabone said that the Authority is proud to be associated with these Awards which give recognition to the journalists’ endeavors during the year.  He said that it was very evident that the Awards are achieving the objectives of the Institute to improve the quality of journalistic works and also to entice more journalists to work harder.

Mr Naudi thanked the Broadcasting Authority for its continued support and the presentation of the replica was a token of appreciation for this support.   He said that the broadcasting media categories were attracting some high quality productions and this is primarily due to the sponsorship of these awards.

In all the Broadcasting Authority will be sponsoring four categories and the adjudicating panel will be choosing a finalist in each category.  In total ten participants or teams of broadcasters will be competing for a prize in one of the four categories being sponsored by the Broadcasting Authority.

There are four categories in broadcast journalism: TV script of News; TV script of Features; Broadcast Film Journalism, and Broadcast Radio Journalism.  For TV script of News the adjudicating panel has chosen three participants from all the entries received which will be competing for the final prize.  These are Ruth Castillo, Keith Demicoli, and Mario Micallef.  For the television script of Features, Reno Bugeja and Mario Micallef have been chosed as finalists together with Robert Cremona and the Bijografiji Team.

For Broadcast Film Journalism, CVC Media and the Xarabank Team will be contesting this award, while Andrew Azzopardi and Keith Demicoli will be contesting the award for Broadcast Journalism on Radio.

The Broadcasting Authority Chief Executive, Mr Pierre Cassar and IGM General Secretary Mr Roderick Agius also attended the presentation ceremony.

Mario Axiak

 25th April 2014

Head, Research &   Communications,



Mr Anthony J. Tabone [left] being presented by a replica of the Award in each category by Mr Malcolm J. Naudi, President of the Institute of Maltese Journalists