[06/11] Referendum Broadcasts 2011 - News Conference (18/05/2011)

Press Release No: 06/11

Referendum Broadcasts 2011 – News Conference

As part of the Referendum Broadcasts Scheme 2011 the Broadcasting Authority, is going to organise a News Conference next Thursday, 19th 2011.  Dr. Arthur Galea Salamone in the name of the movement Moviment ┼╗wieg Bla Divorzju will be replying to questions put to him by six journalists.
This 60 minute press conference will be chaired by Mario Micallef and will be broadcast on TVM and Radju Malta at 20:40 pm.

Mario Axiak M.B.A. (Maastricht)

17th May 2011

Head, Research &   Communications,


Broadcasting Authority