[13/14] Gharghur Switch-off (13/06/2014)

Press Release 13/2014

Għargħur Transmitting Tower switch-off

A survey of the master antenna at the Gharghur Transmitting Site will be conducted by British engineers on Tuesday, 17th June 2014.

Owing to the nature of the work to be undertaken, unfortunately this necessitates a daytime outage which will last for approximately 4 hours and is scheduled between 9.00a.m. and 1.00p.m.

While apologizing for any inconvenience caused, the survey is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of this vital broadcasting hub.  Consequently, all radio stations and other third party users at Għargħur will be unable to make use of their equipment.

Should the survey be finished before 1.00p.m., all equipment will be switched on before.

Mario Axiak 

Head Research & Communications

12th June 2014