[14/19] - Information sessions by Ariel Garofalo

Press Invitation
Release: Immediate
Date: 23 July 2019
PR 14/19

BA and MCAST to host information sessions by Argentinian graphic designer Ariel Garofalo

The Broadcasting Authority is collaborating with MCAST in support of its commitment to contribute to media education by actively participating in this year’s edition of the annual ICA Festival by the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts between Thursday 4th July and Sunday 4th August.

The Broadcasting Authority has invited Mr Ariel Garofalo, a graphic designer from Argentina who will be delivering a series of talks on strategic graphic design as well as graphic design in journalism and for politics.

Mr Ariel Garofalo has studied Design Thinking and UX Design in ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires) and has participated in several seminars and conferences (Society for Newsdesign (SND), INMA and Global Editors Networks).

He has been a professor of typography and editorial design at the University of Buenos Aires; lectures and exhibits his work at the Design Fest of Guadalajara (Mexico), at the Alliance Française in Buenos Aires, at the SIP (Inter-American Press Association), and at several other events. His works have been published in the Novum magazine in Germany, 360 Design in China and the book Artificium. Some of his works were awarded by SND and SND Scandinavian.

He has collaborated with international consultants designing media such as The Observer of England and Reforma de Mexico (Mario García), Jillands Posten of Denmark (Danilo Black) and Rapport of South Africa (Peter Ong). Currently he is working as an independent consultant and directing his design studio www.newsdesign.red

The Broadcasting Authority is inviting journalists, broadcasters and media stakeholders to attend these sessions at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta to be held between 9:30 am to 11:30am on:

• Tuesday 30th July – Graphic Design and Journalism
• Wednesday 31st July – Graphic Design and Politics
• Friday 2nd August – Strategic Design

Entrance is free.

Mario Axiak
Head Research & Communications