[14/19] - Works on the Għargħur Tower

Press Release 14/19

Works on the Għargħur Tower

On Monday 15th July 2019 between 7:00a.m.and 10.00a.m. weather permitting, the Broadcasting Authority will be conducting the second and final phase of the EMF Occupational Study on the Għargħur Broadcasting Tower. During this period all nationwide radio transmissions will be switched on to the back-up antenna with reduced power and consequently radio transmissions across the Maltese Islands could be affected.

During this period some areas could experience an inferior quality radio reception and/or interefence from other stations.

This exercise is intended to analyse any occupational health and safety issues when repair/maintenance works are being performed on the tower.

The Authority takes the opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank the general public for the understanding.

Dr Simon Manicolo
Board Secretary
12th July, 2019
ref. 15/61