[16/10] "All Rock" on DigiB Network (22/10/2010)

Press Release 16/10

"All Rock" on DigiB Network

The Broadcasting Authority has today licensed its digital radio operator, DigiB Network Limited, to transmit a new local broadcasting station on the digital radio network.  the station "All Rock" will be broadcasting rock music programmes - a genre of popular music that entered mainstream music in the 1960s with rock and roll, rhythm and blues.

The sould of rock often revolves around the electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard instruments such as synthesizers.  In the early 1970s rock music developed different subgenres when it was blended with folk music to create folk rock; with blues creating blues-rock, and with jazz creating jazz-rock fusion music.  Rock subgenres that emerged in the following decennials include glam rock, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, punk rock, and Britpop.

"All Rock" is the fourth station to be licensed by the Broadcasting Authority which is transmitted exclusively on the digital radio platform including "Radio Cuore d'Italia", "Bay Italia" and "Bay Easy".

Digital Radio Broadcasting was introduced in Malta through an amendment in the Broadcasting Act which allowed the Broadcasting Authority to license a service provider, DigiB Network Limited, for such services. 

Mario Axiak B.A.(Hons)., M.B.A.   (Maastricht), M.I.M.

22nd October 2010 

Head Research & Communications