[21/09] Broadcasting Licence of Family Television Network (06/10/2009)

Media Release 21/09

Broadcasting Authority Revokes Broadcasting Licence granted to Far-Fetched Media Limited (Family Television Network)

In a Media Release, dated 5th June 2009, the Broadcasting Authority had announced that it had commenced proceedings, in terms of the Broadcasting Act, for the suspension of the broadcasting licence granted to Far-Fetched Media Limited (Family Television Network), this in view of the fact that Family Television Network had ceased broadcasting some time before.

In the meantime, the licensee was given the opportunity to submit representations to the Broadcasting Authority, in terms of requirements in broadcasting legislation as well as of the conditions of the said licence, and the Authority in turn requested certain information from the licensee to establish whether there were any reasonable prospects that the Company could resume broadcasting on a regular basis in the near future.

The requested information, in fact, was not submitted and, since the Authority had no indication whatsoever that the station could resume regular broadcasting in the near future, the Board of the Authority has now agreed to revoke the licence with immediate effect. The licensee has been informed accordingly.

Mario Axiak 

 6th October 2009

Head Research and Communications

 Ref 1/08