[25/09] B.A. Reach-out Programme 2 (04/12/2009)


Broadcasting Authority Reach-out Programme

Meeting Operators of Community Radio Stations in Gozo


Throughout this year, the Broadcasting Authority has licensed twenty-eight long-term community radio stations – a two-year license for broadcasting on a community level.  The last such station is La Salle Radio which was licensed on 1st December and which will commence broadcasts from De La Salle College, Cottonera.  Of these such community radio stations, eight are in Gozo.

The second Reach-out organised by the Broadcasting Authority in its initiative to regularly meet its licensees and stakeholders was held on Saturday, 28th November; and for this session, a closed conference was organised with representatives from the eight community radio stations broadcasting from Gozo.  True to its meaning, this Reach-out was held in a central hotel in Rabat, Gozo.

Three presentations were made.  The C.E.O., Mr Pierre Cassar welcomed the participants and expanded on licensing requirements of community radio stations highlighting the serviceability of community radio stations, limit of transmission power, and communal regulatory obligations.  Lengthy discussions soon followed highlighting the need for a nation-wide radio station transmitting from the Island of Gozo. The second short presentation was made by the Head of Research & Communications on audience assessment listing the various methods used; growth-rate of community broadcasting services; and community radio consumption by demographics.  Latest surveys indicate that a total of 3.4% of the population listens to community radio stations in Malta and Gozo.

Ms Joanna Spiteri, Head of the Monitoring Department gave a presentation on the monitoring of programming content on community radio stations.  Such stations are limited in their broadcasts with regard to news and current affairs programmes which can only be made on a community nature and not on a nationwide perspective; and on advertising which is limited to those businesses which operate within the broadcasting area of each community station.  Open discussion was throughout the whole presentation with various participants arguing that in some cases, due to their small size this limits the magnitude of advertising revenue and possibilities.Press Release 22/09



Mario Axiak


Head Research & Communications


4th December 2009