[53/08] Digital Radio (11/07/2008)

Media Release 53/08

Digital Radio

Following media release 48/08 dated 23rd June 2008, the Authority has approved the addition of new digital radio stations on the DAB + Platform.

The position as at 10th July 2008 is that the Authority has authorised the rebroadcasting of 36 foreign digital radio stations, the simulcasting of 11 nationwide analogue radio stations and of one community radio station on the digital platform which intends to start broadcasting as a nationwide digital radio.  There is also a new digital radio on the DAB + Platform.  The relative details are found hereunder:

A. Rebroadcast Radio Stations on the DAB + Platform
BBC WS BBC World Service    
WRN World Radio Network    
VOA Voice of America    
The Dance Syndicate / The Drum & Bass Collection Dance Music    
Electronika Dance    
Deutsche Welle     
RAI Stereo 1/2/3/ International     
Classic II  Classic Music    
Black Magic  R & B Music    
The Country Club  Country Music    
The Rock / Mojo / Go Mojo Plus Rock Music    
Past Magic Old Rime Radio    
XFM (London) GCAP Station    
Capital 95.8 GCAP Station    
Fun Radio GCAP Station    
Italo Music Italian Oldies Music    
Magic 80s Top 80 Hits    
Vatican Radio     
Classic Choice  Classic Music    
The Riff  Rock Music    
Groove  60’s / 70’s    
Pump  80’s / 90’s    
Big Country  Country Music    
Folk  Folk Music    
MMB Ethnic Music    
Radio Padre Pio Religious    
Radio Kiss Kiss Italian Station    
Radio Deejay Italian Station    
Iso Radio RAI Service    
Blu Sat 2000 RAI Service   

TOTAL 36  

B. Simulcasted FM Radio Stations on the DAB + Platform
Super One Radio    
Radio 101    
Bay Radio    
Calypso Radio    
Smash Radio    
Campus FM    
Radju Parlament    
Magic Radio    
Radju Malta    
Smash Radio   

TOTAL: 11 

C. Simulcasted Community Radio Stations on the DAB + Platform 
Christian Light Radio 

D. Sole Ownership Digital Radio Stations on the DAB + Platform 
Cuore D’Italia 

Test transmissions will commence on 1st July, 2008 but not all rebroadcast digital radio stations will be available during test transmissions.  Regular transmissions will start on 1st October, 2008



Gordon Vassallo   


10th July, 2008

Director of   Finance      



Broadcasting Authority