[07/17] Claim by Alternattiva Demokratika

Release: Immediate
Date: 5th May 2017
PR 07/17

The Broadcasting Authority refers to the media release issued earlier today by Alternattiva Demokratika in connection with the scheme of political electoral broadcasts. The Authority would like to point out that as part of its obligations under the Constitution and the Broadcasting Act, it has a duty to organize schemes of political broadcasts, which have always been discussed with the interested parties so that, as far as possible, a fair approach in terms of time allocation to political parties contesting the election is achieved.

All political parties were presented with a scheme and schedule of political broadcasts and were invited to submit in writing their reaction and their position for the consideration by the Authority, which submissions will determine further decisions in the finalization of the document.

Furthermore, the Broadcasting Authority denies the claims put forward by Alternattiva Demokratika.

Mario Axiak, M.B.A (Maastricht)
Head, Research & Communication
5th May 2017