Imperium Europa - 15 ta' Mejju 2014

To: Imperium Europa, Valletta 

The Broadcasting Authority has become aware of the negative reaction on the public media to your spot and that it is now becoming evident that through an association of ideas the spot is creating a situation which could lead to incitement of racial hatred.  This association of ideas was not initially manifest but has become apparent to the Authority in the light of the reaction on the public media. 

From a perusal of the statements being made on the media there is an evident association between the content of your spot and incitement of racial hatred.  The Authority is convinced that you have no desire to broadcast spots which could incite to racial hatred.

As it is now becoming evident that this is precisely what the spot is doing, the Authority has decided to order the immediate withdrawal of this spot and ask you to substitute your spot with another spot which does not create the concerns expressed in this statement.  

15th May 2014