[64/08] Long Term Community Radio Stations Non-Profit Organisations(14/11/2008)

Media Release 64/08

Call for Applications for Long-Term Community Radio Stations

From Non-Profit Organisations Only

Following discussions with the Malta Communications Authority, the Broadcasting Authority has concluded a revision of its policy on long-term community radio stations. Hence with effect from Monday, 10th November 2008, the Broadcasting Authority will be receiving applications for long-term community radio stations, thereby lifting the moratorium which has existed on the issuing of licensing of community radio stations.

The Broadcasting Authority is thus inviting applications for a licence for a long-term community radio station as per attached form. The closing date for submitting applications has been set for Friday 28th November, 2008. All applications are to be addressed as follows:


Chief Executive

Broadcasting Authority

7 Mile End Road

Hamrun HMR 1719.


Further details as to programme content conditions, technical conditions, the call for applications itself and the community radio application form are available from the Broadcasting Authority’s website at www.ba-malta.org or by sending an e-mail to info.ba@ba.org.mt.

 Call for applications


Mario Axiak   


10th November 2008

Head Research and   Communications   


Ref 3/91

Broadcasting Authority